Chatra Parishad

‘Chatra Parishad’ is an independent self-funded association of the students of the department of Hindi functioning democratically by electing the office bearers in the annual general body meeting. The association stands for the general welfare of student community, but Vacademically undertakes the conduct of Hindi day celebration and All Kerala Quiz competition every year. It also acts as a bridge between teachers and the student’s communities. It also extends financial assistance to the weaker students of the department and fulfills the basic amenities of the student’s community in general. The Chatra Parishad also organizes functions like cultural events, invited talks, film T shows, discussion forums, a colloquium for enriching the academic environment, and conducts felicitation gatherings for recognizing students as well as faculty members, who bring kudos and laurels to the department. The students publish a handwritten magazine annually. The aim of the organization is to build up confidence in students, to give a platform to present their talents, and inculcate leadership quality.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the Department of Hindi, CUSAT, has been functioning from 2011. The main aim of the Association is to maintain the link between the Department and Alumni and share their details of employment and achievements. It was also formed with a view to keep the silken threads of the attachments between the old students and the Institution. The Alumni are helping the students to inform them about the employment opportunities in their respective organizations. It helps to keep the old students informed of the growth and development of the institution and also gives an opportunity to the old students of the institution to partake in the responsible task of

building up and maintaining the tradition of this institution The alumni members meet for an annual get-together every year. All the Alumni can participate in the meet, with their spouse and children and are provided with lunch and refreshments.


  1. Donated a Photocopier and Water cooler for the Department.
  2. Regularly conducting seminars and interaction programs about job opportunities and placement related matters.

National & International Seminars


The department conducted two International Seminars,Seven National Seminars, Two Webinars and Workshops.


  1. Hindi Day
  2. Premchand Jayanthi
  3. Safdar Hashmi Day
  4. Malayalam Day
  5. World Mother Tongue Day
  6. World Drama Day etc.


The faculty members of the department have completed several projects.

  1. UGC-SAP – DSA Phase 1 (Rashtreeya Asmita Ke Roopayan Mein Hindi Aur Malayalam Navjaagran Kaleen Sahitya Evam Bhasha KaaTulnatmak Adhyayan)
  2. Seed Money for New Research Initiatives- Investigator- Dr. Aneesh K.N. (Rashtriya Ekta ke Roopayan Mein Navajaagran Kaleen Hindi Nibandhom Ka Yogdan)
  3. Seed Money for New Research Initiatives – Investigator- Dr. Girish Kumar K.K. (Samakaleen Hindi Aur Malayalam Kavita Mein Visthapan ka Yatharth: Ek Tuinatmak Adhyayan)


Ongoing Projects

  1. Seed Money for New Research Initiatives- Investigator- Dr. Prabhakaran Hebbar Illath (Kavitha ka Vikas Darshan)
  2. Seed Money for New Research Initiatives – Investigator- Dr. Praneetha P (Kinnar Vimarsh aur Samakaleen Hindi Upanyas)


“Dr. L Suneetha Bai Endowment Lecture Series and Dr. L Suneetha Bai Smriti Puraskar’ are introduced by the Department of Hindi from 2020 onwards to commemorate the late Dr. L Suneetha Bai, Retired professor, Department of Hindi, CUSAT sponsored by her spouse Adv. Sri. Balakrishna Shenoy. The Dr. L Suneetha Bai Smriti Puraskar consists of a Gyan Puraskar awarded to an outstanding literary critic from Kerala in Hindi Language with a cash prize of Rs. 15000/- for the promotion and enrichment of Hindi Language. Another two awards, of Rs. 3000/ and Rs. 2000/- are respectively for the two MA Hindi students who secure first two merit positions from the Department. It is to instill a competitive spirit among the students in PG programme.